PT DUJ GLOBAL MARINDO is a newly formed Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) service provider , establish in November 2015 in Batam, Riau Archipelago (Riau Kepulauan)

About Us

PT. DUJ GLOBAL MARINDO , is a newly formed Marine & NDT Inspection company in Indonesia. We believe that business in shipyards marine and oil and gas service industry can be carried out both efficiently and in a manner response to the needs of the clients in a faithful environment.

We welcome the opportunity of introducing ourselves and our services to you , confident that our dynamism is built on a solid foundation of professionalism . Our dedication goes beyond the letter however , and on the spirit – a fiduciary relationship is one of faithfulness . We do not disappoint .

Our modus operandi is a mix of a front room of highly competent technical staff and marketing team responsive to the need of the clients , at any point in time and over time . Both are joined by a united chord of imaginative management and prudent development .

PT. DUJ GLOBAL MARINDO personnel are our most valuable asset and we take great pride in creating a mutually supportive and rewarding work place – encouraging our employees to reach their true potential and incorporate solutions through excellence in inspection . We believe about projects are about people and we put people first.

Our offices are fully networked and internet wired ,enabling us to be more efficient in service delivery as well as promoting a real-time interface with both external and internal clients in the execution of our day to day businesses.

One way of overcoming current challenges is through collaboration in unexpected ways with other companies . Today’s fast paced market place requires mutually beneficial partnership to leverage creativity , experience and resources ,with right and left brain thinkers , that can help us arrive at a solution in less time.


Our objective is the establishment of relationships based in trust , reliability and support in the difficult and demanding area of marine and oil and gas industries.

Our aim is the best choice by the clients , due to our service quality , short reporting time and increase the market share within the region.

We want to be the best preferred company for the employees due to our good working environment and good team spirit.

Why us?

Multi Discipline Personnel

Reasonable and Predictable Price

Quick Response Time

Our Services

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement| (UTM)

Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI)

Magnetic Particle Testing (MPI)

Ultrasonic Testing Technologies

Weld Test on Pipe, Plates, Nozzles, and Nodes.

Customers & Partners


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